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Bishop Laney’s Charity has always aimed to help individuals where it can, rather than any organisations. The charity helps students and apprentices that reside in Ely or Soham, with funding towards their education or training equipment.


Students going to university can apply for a grant for the purchase of books or equipment. The trustees may consider grants for items other than books and equipment, but you would have to provide evidence for your need, along with additional supporting information the trustees may deem appropriate. Any other grants awarded by other charities or authorities will be taken into account.

Student applications for grants must satisfy the following criteria:

Must be under 25

The usual grant is £250 for the first year and then £150 for each year of a three-year course

Special cases may be considered for greater grants, but a means test may be applied.

Live in Ely or Soham


Apprentices of all trades and vocations can apply for a grant. The trustees may consider short term apprenticeships too. Grants are paid in instalments at the beginning of your apprenticeship and at the end of each year, as long as the charity receives a satisfactory report from your employer each October. In the case of longer term apprenticeships, grants awarded to employers are paid in two equal instalments at the beginning and at the end of the apprenticeship.

Apprentice applications for grants must satisfy the following criteria:

Must be under 25 at the beginning of the apprenticeship

Apprentices would receive £1,000 for a three-year apprenticeship over the three years

The employer is entitled to £250 at the start of the apprenticeship and £250 at the end.

Live in Ely or Soham

All grant figures above are correct as at Dec 18 and subject to yearly review.

Bishop Laney’s Charity has given over


in grants to students over
the last 10 years


in grants to apprentices
in the last ten years

We have given grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 for over 340 years.

About us

Bishop Laney’s Charity provides grants to help apprentices and students from Ely and Soham with their training and further education.

The charity has given these grants to assist school leavers aged under 25 living in Ely or Soham, for over 340 years.

Meet our Trustees

The trust is managed by six trustees, three from Ely and three from Soham.

They meet six times a year to oversee the various aspects of the charity and to preserve the legacy of Bishop Benjamin Laney.


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